We Are Biocatalysis®

Not everybody can make this claim, but then not everybody is Codexis.

We are biocatalysisWe are a world leader in providing unique, state-of-the-art enzyme optimization services and developing biocatalyst products.

Our technologies accelerate the development of manufacturing processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), fine chemicals, agrochemicals, food ingredients, detergents and biofuels. They also enable rapid transfer to commercial manufacturing scale.

In fact, we offer enzyme optimization and supply, from small scale through to commercial quantities. We have developed – and produced – enzymes for more than 10 commercial processes.

Our proprietary and cutting-edge CodeEvolver® protein engineering platform allows rapid development of highly optimized enzymes that are used in new, highly efficient and environmentally friendly biocatalytic manufacturing processes. In fact, our infrastructure is such that it allows scale up of optimized enzymes in a matter of weeks and full commercial production in three months.

Our expertise in directed evolution, guided by proprietary software and bioinformatic systems, including our Mosaic® and Sage directed evolution technology platforms, has resulted in the creation of ready-to-access biocatalyst libraries of enzymes with enhanced properties and features.

Our off-the-shelf Codex® screening kits and panels enable our customers to quickly assess the feasibility of a biocatalytic approach to a product of interest, and provide the basis for further optimization, if required.

Our CodeEvolver® protein engineering platform allows rapid development of highly optimized enzymes.

Our CodeXporter® enzyme production platform enables highly efficient manufacturing of enzymes to industrial-scale.

With in-house chemists, biologists and bioinformatics experts dedicated to continually advancing the technology for biological enzyme optimization and production, we develop biocatalysts that lead to safe, green-by-design and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

During the past seven years, we have won three coveted Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards from the US Environmental Protection Agency for new processes to manufacture three blockbuster APIs. Our work has been published in journals including Science, Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Organic Process Research and Development.

In short, we are biocatalysis. By combining our state-of-the-art enzyme evolution technologies with our vast process development experience, we are delivering environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that yield the high quality products that are demanded by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries globally.


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We are an industrial biotechnology company providing unique, state-of-the-art enzyme optmization services and biocatalyst products.


Codexis delivers a range of chemicals at kilogram to multi-ton scale, through a partnered manufacturing network



Codexis delivers revolutionary biocatalytic routes that no one else can



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