CodeEvolver® and CodeXporter®

CodeEvolver® - Designed to work at industrial scale

The Codexis CodeEvolver® protein engineering platform enables the rapid development of custom-designed enzymes and microorganisms that are highly optimized for efficient manufacturing processes. Our proprietary CodeEvolver platform is viewed as a global best-in-class capability and is covered by more than 150 issued patents and pending patent applications worldwide. The platform is comprised of proprietary methods for the design and generation of diverse genetic libraries automated screening techniques, algorithms for the interpretation of screening data and predictive modeling.

Codexis has more than 10 years' experience of providing biobased solutions to industry. We drive innovation and reduce costs, by tailoring enzymes to optimize and accelerate your chemical reactions on an industrial scale. Codexis can speed up your company's switch to a scalable, alternative and sustainable process.

  • ProSAR™ -- Uses protein sequence-activity relationships to aid in identifying and developing specific gene and enzyme mutations that are beneficial, neutral or detrimental with respect to the desired performance characteristics. Our ProSAR™ directed evolution technology services are particularly useful in ranking individual mutations in identifying protein variants of interest.
  • MOSAIC® -- Aids in identifying, developing, and manufacturing functionally interacting mutations within a specific gene or enzyme that are beneficial, neutral or detrimental with respect to the desired performance characteristics. Early directed evolution methods did not evaluate the interactions of mutations in libraries of variants which carry multiple mutations, where beneficial and detrimental performance characteristics may be mixed in an individual gene or enzyme. Our MOSAIC® directed evolution technology and research services enable us to determine which particular interacting mutations are present in the genes and proteins we have screened.

Our proprietary ProSAR and MOSAIC® directed evolution technology platforms, combined with efficient gene synthesis and high quality library generation methods, have led to a significant increase in the efficiency and speed of enzyme improvement and process optimization.


CodeXporter® - Designed for precise customer requirements

A key component of Codexis' technology is the CodeXporter®  enzyme production platform, used for highly productive and efficient industrial-scale enzyme manufacturing. Codexis uses the CodeXporter® enzyme production platform in the production of biobased products such as enzymes for use of pharmaceutical production.



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